About Us

Early Illustration

We invest early

We identify winners early. A15 prides itself on partnering with exceptional entrepreneurs early on in their journey, working together to unlock value and build businesses that stand the test of time.

We are operationally involved when needed by founders

Our team has years of experience in building and scaling businesses across different industries. We have also amassed a vast network of key ecosystem participants and stakeholders over the years.

We bring this experience and network into play in all that we do to support the founders we back fulfil their vision, but only when you need us. We are otherwise on the side-line rooting for you.

We help with raising capital for growth

A15 will support and guide you through subsequent follow-on rounds. We have a large network of top tier global investors and know what they look for in an investment. We bring those insights to help you succeed in raising the capital you need to grow.

We facilitate exits

Once your business is at a stage where we can capitalize on the value created, we will help you develop and execute an exit strategy tailored for your business. With a wealth of experience across various exit paths – be it a sale to strategic and financial investors or going public – we’re equipped to find the right path for you.